Niner University Elementary Cohort

Niner University Elementary classroom with teacher and student at a table.

The Niner University Elementary (NUE) Cohort is part of the Elementary Education (ELED) program. The NUE cohort has been recognized by State Superintendent Truitt as one way EPPs are making progress in strengthening literacy instruction in North Carolina.

Students in the NUE cohort take the same classes as students in the ELED program, but you take your classes off-campus at NUE. NUE is UNC Charlotte’s lab school and is located at 2414 Lester Street. Rather than you coming to campus, your professors will come to you and teach your classes at NUE!

As part of the NUE cohort, you will be at our lab school for one academic year. You will take your Foundations semester and IMB semester classes and complete your clinical experiences at NUE giving you increased time in classrooms. At NUE you will also have weekly opportunities to teach literacy and math lessons to students. While you teach, you will benefit from feedback provided by your professors and clinical educators.

Niner University Elementary playground with teachers and students posing for a picture.

There are many additional benefits to participating in the NUE cohort, such as:

  • Having a desirable two-day a week schedule.
  • Completing clinical hours during your class time.
  • Knowing your schedule for an academic year.
  • Being at your clinical placement on day 1.
  • Having increased opportunities to teach.
  • Getting feedback on your teaching from your professors, making you a more effective teacher.
  • Teaching evidence-based interventions and programs making you MORE marketable as future teachers!
  • Being a part of a close-knit community of teachers, peers, students, and faculty.

“This experience has taught me so much about teaching and what it means to be an educator. I have learned to build relationships with students, teachers, and administrators. I am so grateful to have been a part of something so special.”

–from a current NUE cohort student

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