Bruce Taylor

Reading and Elementary Education
Professor & Program Director Graduate Reading Programs
COED 384
Curriculum Vita

My research and teaching focus on literacy instruction and support in and out of classrooms including the social and cultural aspects of literacy, the role of diverse texts and technologies in content-area classrooms, and the community-based support for literacy. I teach graduate and undergraduate courses that focus on content area literacy, multiliteracies and sociocultural perspectives of language and literacy. 


Courses I regularly teach include:

  • EDUC 1100 and EDUC 2100: Foundations of Education and Diversity in Schools
  • ELED 3226: Elementary Language Arts
  • READ 3255 & READ 5255 Integrated Reading and Writing in the Content Areas
  • READ 6100 Trends & Issues in Literacy and Leadership
  • READ 6252 K-12 Writing Instruction & Development
  • READ 6255 Middle & Secondary Reading and Writing
  • READ 6265 & EDCI 8265 Multiliteracies in a Global World: Reading & Writing Texts in New Times
  • EDCI 8685 Sociocultural Perspectives of Language and Literacy
Research & Scholarship

Current Research Projects

  1. Classroom Reading Instruction (CRI). This research seeks to document the ways in which reading is taught in elementary classrooms across a range of schools (socioeconomically and geographically diverse). This research focuses on two facets of reading instruction: 1) looking at reading instruction at the elementary school level more broadly to document how reading is taught, what types of texts are used, and what teachers and students do during reading instruction time; 2) examine the use of technology used in the teaching of reading. 
  2. Freedom School Research. This is a multi-year research project that includes three facets currently: 1) reading outcome evaluation of youth participants (Scholars) from 2009 through the present, 2) research to understand the experience of Freedom School college-age interns (Servant Leaders Interns), and 3) Scholar case study research to examine the Freedom School experience from the perspective of youth participants in the program.