Tracy Rock

Tracy Rock
Reading and Elementary Education
COED 395
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Dr. Tracy Rock is a Professor in the Department of Reading and Elementary Education in the College of Education at UNC Charlotte. Her teaching and research interests include Inquiry Models of Teacher Professional Development, Social Studies Education, and Service Learning. Dr. Rock has published over 25 refereed journal articles and book chapters and is co-author on an Action Research for teachers text that is under contract and set for publication in 2017. She teaches courses in the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level programs in the College of Education. She is a Faculty Fellow for the Center for Teaching and Learning where she provides professional development workshops, webinars, private consultations, and peer observations for faculty across the campus. She coordinates the Teaching Program for Doctoral Students on campus which provides seminars, professional development activities, and observations/consultations on effective college level teaching for doctoral candidates across all doctoral programs at UNC Charlotte. She is also the Peer Observation of Teaching Coordinator for the College of Education. Dr. Rock is the recipient of several teaching awards including the Teaching Fellows Teaching Excellence Award in 2007, the 2014 Bank of America Award for Teaching Excellence and the 2015 Board of Governor’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Research Interests:

Social Studies Education in Elementary Schools
Curriculum Integration 
Service Learning
Global Education


Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teaching - The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1999 
M.A in Liberal Studies. - The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1994
B.A. in Elementary Education - The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 1991


Instructional Design and the Use of Technology with Elementary School Learners; Teaching Social Studies to Elementary School Learners; Integrating the Elementary School Curriculum; Student Teaching/Seminar; Seminar in Professional and Leadership Development; Teaching and Learning K-6 Social Studies; Accessing/Modifying/Integrating Social Studies Instruction; Pro-Seminar in Elementary Education; Independent Study in Urban Education

Community Involvement:

Cornelius Elementary School Leadership Team, Chair, 2016-2017
Cornelius Elementary Professional Development School, University Liaison, 2012-2016.

Awards & Honors:

-Board of Governors' Award for Teaching Excellence, NC General Administration, Recipient, 2015. $12,500 award. The highest award for superior teaching presented by the University system.
-University Marshall, May 2015 Commencement. The position of University Marshal is an honor bestowed by the University on a distinguished senior professor. The University Marshal represent the faculty at ceremonial functions, and serves as a symbol of faculty excellence and leadership in teaching, professional achievement, and service to campus and community.
-Honoree, Faculty Recognition and Appreciation Reception, Provost Lorden honored faculty who were nominated by 10 or more graduating seniors of the previous year as having had the most significant, positive contribution to their education. January 21, 2015.
-Bank of America Award for Teaching Excellence, UNC Charlotte, Recipient, 2014. The highest award for teaching excellence presented by UNC Charlotte.
-Faculty Fellow Selection, Center for Teaching and Learning at UNC Charlotte, 2013-2016.
-College of Education Excellence in Teaching Award Nominee, 2011, 2012, and 2013.
-UNC Charlotte NC Teaching Fellows Annual Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2007.
-Finalist for the UNC Charlotte Teaching Fellows Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2013-2014, 2002-2003, 2001-2002, and 2000-2001
-Received a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Service as President to the North Carolina Professors of Social Studies Education, February, 2008.
-Received a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Service as a Board member to the North Carolina Council for the Social Studies Board, 2004.
-Teacher of the Year, Parkview Elementary School, High Point, NC, 1994-1995-
-Young Educator of the Year, Parkview Elementary School, High Point, NC 1993-1994.

Selected Publications:

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