Stephen Hancock

Stephen Hancock
Reading and Elementary Education
Associate Professor
COED 388

Stephen D. Hancock, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Multicultural Education in the Department of Reading and Elementary Education at UNC Charlotte where he also serves as the Assistant Director of the Urban Education Collaborative. As a multicultural scholar and leader he
has served as a delegate to Mexico, China, Singapore, Malaysia and England where he supports study abroad experiences for teachers and students. Dr. Hancock’s primary research interest encompasses sociocultural perspectives in urban elementary and preschool contexts, which include foci on effective literacy instruction for minority children as well as the development of healthy academic and socioracial relationships as it relate to the perceptions and psychology of self and others. In addition, his research interest
focuses on transcultural identity in domestic and foreign spaces. His research methodologies are based on qualitative approaches, which include ethnographic and autoethnographic methodologies, participatory action research, and teacher research. He is the editor of
Autoethnography as a Lighthouse: Illuminating Race, Research, and the Politics of Schooling as well as White Women’s Work: Examining the Intersectionality of Teaching, Identity, and Race. In addition, he has published impactful articles in top journals including the Harvard Education Review.

Ph.D. - The Ohio State University, Curriculum & Instruction, Multicultural & Early Childhood Education, 2003
MAT - Virginia Commonwealth University, Elementary Education, 1996,
BA - Virginia Commonwealth University, English, 1996

Multicultural Education: Modifying Instruction for Urban Learners
Integrating Curriculum for Diverse Elementary School Learners
Diverse Learners
Current Issues in Global and Urban Elementary Schools
The Elementary School Child 
Advanced Practicum in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership
Seminar in Professional and Leadership Development 
Integrating the Elementary Program
Teaching Reading to Primary Learners K-3
Teaching Reading to Intermediate Grade Learners
Action Research in the Elementary Classroom
Varieties of Constructivism in Elementary Education

Research Interests/Areas of Expertise
Ethnographic and Autoethnographic methodologies
Academic and socioracial relationships among White women teachers and diverse students
Effective literacy instruction for culturally diverse students

Awards & Honors
Keynote: Worldview Conference, UNC Chapel Hill
Cato College of Education Award for Diversity in Research, Teaching, and Service
Teacher as Research Dissertation of the Year Award – The American Educational Research Association

Community Involvement
Educational Partner with:
Bethlehem Center Head Start
Grier Academy
Kannapolis City Schools
Empower at Cabarrus County Public Schools
Board Member:
A Black Education Network
Teaching Fellows Institute
Freedom School Partners

Selected Publications

Allen, A., Hancock, S.D., Glass, T.S., & Lewis, C.W. (2017). Mapping culturally relevant pedagogy into teacher education programs: A critical framework. Teachers College Record 119(1), ID Number: 21746

Siedl, B. & Hancock, S. (2011). Acquiring double Images: White Preservice Teachers Locating Themselves in a Raced World. Harvard Educational Review, 81(40) 687-709.

Hancock, S. D., Allen, A., and Lewis, C. W. (2015) Autoethnography as a Lighthouse: Illuminating race, research, and the politics of schooling. Autoethnography as a lighthouse: Race, research, and the politics of schooling. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Hancock, S. D. & Warren, C. A. (2017). White women’s work: Examining the intersectionality of teaching, cultural norms, and identity in urban schools. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Book Chapters:
Allen, A. & Hancock, S. D. (2017). The emergence of critical presence ethnography: The ripples of self in educational contexts. In R. Hopson, W. Rodick, and A. Kaul (Eds.) Studies in Educational Ethnography v. 13. United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Hancock, S. D. (2017) Double image, single identity: Constructive academic relationships in multicultural classrooms. In Hancock, S. D. & Warren, C. A. (Eds.) White women’s work: Examining the intersectionality of teaching, identity, and race. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.